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Refugio’s Diesel Inc. was first started in 1994 by Refugio De La Cruz. He was given an older pick-up truck from a cousin, and also a big supply of tools from a very generous friend. With very little and a heart of determination, he started this company. He spent day and night working, sometimes not sleeping for days at a time. He worked in the scorching sun, in the pouring rain and even in snow storms with below freezing temperatures and extremely high winds. He was always available to his customers 24/7, rain or shine.

The first office was in the home garage which his wife ran and his children were instructed to answer the phone from the living room with professionalism and to jot down where the truck was broken down with a phone number to relay back to Refugio (They had beepers at the time but eventually Refugio got a “car phone.”) Over the years Refugio built a reputation in Kern County for his dependability, work and fair prices.

Once Refugio found out about CB radios, he installed one in his work truck and begun talking to his customer base from all over the US as he drove up and down California to do road services. He soon became well known by many CB radio users, and sales rose.

In 2005 Refugio opened up his first small mechanic shop, with a trailer office and two employees (his daughter and nephew.) It soon started to grow, and the company went from two employees to 10 within the next few years. In 2012 He relocated down the street to a much bigger location with a building for the offices.

In 2013 the company’s first billboard went up with the face of Refugio. Anytime Refugio went out after that, he would constantly have people approach and ask “Hey aren’t you that guy from the billboard?!” He was “that guy” from the billboard but he was also still the same humble person who started this business. Nothing has ever changed that.

In 2015 Refugio retired from the company and now lives by the beach in Mexico. In 2017 his wife and children officially became the new owners of Refugio’s Diesel Inc. We strive to take something that is already good and make it better for everyone from our wonderful customers, to our amazing staff and community. Our goal is to always keep improving in all areas and provide the very best service because that is what we believe everyone deserves.