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24/7 Service in Bakersfield!

(661) 858-2064

Refugio’s Diesel offers comprehensive tire repair and maintenance service in Bakersfield and surrounding areas. As an established fleet operator, we know the importance of keeping the fleets and trucks in top-notch condition and also understand the value of time in fleet business thus, we offer exclusive 24 x 7 mobile repair service to get you going.

Diesel Truck Tire Pressure

To do its job correctly, a tire must be at the proper pressure with a certain amount of tread across the section of tire meeting the road. As tread wears away, less traction will be available.  If there is a lack of proper pressure, the tire will wear much quicker than it should.

Tires are usually not perfectly round, and many times will not be perfectly in balance, either. When purchasing new tires, ask your service advisor about tire “truing” and balancing for the longest service life and best experience rolling down the highway!

Give Refugio’s Diesel Repair in Bakersfield a call at (661) 858-2064. It’s our goal and to provide you with the very best service and vehicle care possible!